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How do I contact someone for more information?
How can I contact a particular Empyrean office or consultant?
What is Empyrean Partnersand what do you do?
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If you have questions about anything that you see on our site or about any Empyrean services or products, you can contact us via e-mail message on our Contact Us page.

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We know your personal information is valuable, and we have a thorough Privacy Policy that describes how we will use and protect the information you supply to us.

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Your use of this site is subject to legal terms and conditions, which you must agree to as part of the registration process. You can view them here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact a particular Empyrean office or consultant?
You can send most Empyrean employees an e-mail message using the address format "," where "first" is the employee's first/given name, "last" is the employee's last name/surname.

What is Empyrean Partners and what do you do?
Empyrean helps organizations understand, develop, execute, and measure HR programs and policies with the goal of driving value growth through people. We employ more than 5,000 people in 15 cities around the world. Our commitment to full ownership of our operations enables our consultants to share thought leadership and maintain the highest service and technical standards wherever we work.

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   §  Empyrean Partners are very  

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      They understand the customer

       requirements well.

       We enjoy working with them  

   §  Responsive, high on credibility,

       good market understanding,

       potential vendors to work with

   §  Quick in response,  knowledgeable

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  §  My preferred Vendor ..Keep up the        FIRE

   §  Reliable partners

   §  A search firm who have

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 §  Empyrean have been delightful  to deal        with