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 Empyrean Partner's range of human capital management capabilities span
the entire employment lifecycle.

Empyrean Partners can combine these capabilities in unique ways to develop innovative solutions to specific challenges.





Strategies employed by us to provide recruitment solutions to our clients are beyond available off-the shelf offerings. We work towards delivering winning and trusted solutions by continuously working towards finding new ways to travel the terrain on each of our sourcing mandates.

We serve a select set of industries (but across all levels) including -

  ø Information Technology

  ø Real Estate

  ø Investment Banking

  ø Knowledge Process Outsourcing

  ø Telecom

  ø Legal

Every sourcing mandate is aligned to our customized understanding of entire human resource sourcing value chain.

This ability of ours to understand the client is an underlying EP culture.

Our guide map that navigates our sourcing efforts covers:

1. Industry knowledge
2. Company knowledge
3. Understanding of the function
4. Development of vertical and horizontal specialization
5. Understanding technical niceties and nuances of profile
6. Consistent client feedback
7. Seamless communication with client and candidate

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Client Testimonials

   §  Empyrean Partners are very  

      committed to the given task.

      They understand the customer

       requirements well.

       We enjoy working with them  

   §  Responsive, high on credibility,

       good market understanding,

       potential vendors to work with

   §  Quick in response,  knowledgeable

       and of course with  fire in the belly to

       make things happen

  §  My preferred Vendor ..Keep up the        FIRE

   §  Reliable partners

   §  A search firm who have

       successfully partnered us in closing

       several key positions

 §  Empyrean have been delightful  to deal        with